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  • Thinner


    Stephen King’s Thicc Boi

    HoopTober 4.0: Part Twenty - Another Tom Holland Film

    Stephen Kingathon: Part Nineteen

    From the tony likes of The Shawshank Redemption to Tobe Hooper’s insipid The Mangler, and from the respectable sleeper Dolores Claiborne to the turgid miniseries of The Langoliers, Stephen King’s adaptations couldn’t be on shakier ground in the mid-nineties, oscillating between awards-baiting successes and completely trashy failures like a clock that goes from twelve to six and back again in a minute, landing…

  • The Langoliers

    The Langoliers

    “There’s something strange in that man’s head.”

    HoopTober 4.0: Part Nineteen - A Tom Holland Film

    Stephen Kingathon: Part Eighteen

    I’m talking out my ass, because I have yet to see any Stephen King adaptation from 1991 to 1993, but I do believe 1995’s The Langoliers is where we finally crater to sub-Maximum Overdrive territory.* To mark this momentous occasion, we are greeted by director Tom Holland, a horror filmmaker of some significance in the eighties (he even co-wrote the…

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  • Body Double

    Body Double


    Rising Below Vulgarity
    Part 16 of a Brian De Palma Retrospective

    With Body Double, we reach the last of an 11-year cycle of increasingly violent murder-mysteries/horror thrillers/crime sagas/musical parodies for De Palma known simply as his ‘red’ period, and the funny thing is, it’s the only one that could fall into any one of those genres, so it comes with an extra degree of finality as a summing up of who De Palma was at that point in the 1980s.…

  • Maximum Overdrive

    Maximum Overdrive


    “Jesus is coming, and he is pissed”

    HoopTober 4.0: Part Thirteen

    Stephen Kingathon: Part Twelve

    Picture, if you will, a waitress: she is blonde; she has eighties-lookin’ bangs; and she wears a light pink dress with a bow in her hair. Her name is Wanda June, as played by Ellen McElduff in Maximum Overdrive, and she has had a very rough day. An electric knife took a bite in her arm; a few people died just outside the gas station-cum-restaurant…