Burning ★★★★★

The world is an enigma...
So true. From F. Scott Fitzgerald and Joon-ho Bong odes, Burning truly glows with many ideas and questions. I had to rewatch several parts and read up on interpretations immediately. I cherish these unshakable mysteries. 

“You should feel the pulse...from here. It resonates from deep down your bones. That’s what being alive is.” 

Utterly wicked. I see, among other things, a social statement and study on class where monetary and emotional worth are dissected in ways as cryptic as they are artistic. Another stunning film by Lee Chang-dong, and his best work from what I’ve seen, which is saying a lot. A day later, I’m still pleasantly puzzled by what all actually took place in reality vs inside the mind, a certain cabinet of knives and the types of hunger...revisit coming soon.

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