Dunkirk ★★★★★

I'm convinced after watching a 2nd time that:

a) the first time is like a 2 hour car crash in which adrenaline is drained and one is holding on for dear life. Like a war version of Gravity (2013) but somehow even more real. 

b) the interactions and meaningful dialogue dealing with sacrifice, united comrades and loved ones can be felt much more the 2nd time (coming from someone who was absolutely amazed with the first viewing).  

c) an ex-fighter pilot/war veteran that still teaches aviation in his rocking 70's agrees the aerial combat footage is the greatest of all time. 

d) Dunkirk is a cinematic marvel of groundbreaking proportions, a masterpiece, whatever pinnacle verbiage needed to calibrate greatness. 

e) can't wait to see it a 3rd time.

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