Memories of Murder

Memories of Murder ★★★★★

The South Korean version of Zodiac indeed, just as Ebert's Cho suggests. Police brutality complicates an authentic and detailed serial killer case (based on true events) that takes form in many psychological layers of clues and leads. The detectives that study such brutal sex crimes often lose themselves, snapping under the pressure and determination. 

Over the years, hundreds of films have struggled to climb up into the ranks of elite, enigmatic thrillers and this is one that sets the bar high. Such scorching examples like The Vanishing (1988) and Zodiac (2007) perplex viewers with endings that offer little relief - further empowering the grip on us well after the credits roll. Memories of Murder is on par with any serial killer title you can muster. 

To find a madman perhaps one must be half mad himself. These detectives seem to gain ground only to lose it, that must be unbearable considering what's at stake. In a perfect ending, remember that explanations can dilute a meaning especially one so perverse or barbaric that science cannot even ascertain...these endings stay with us longer I feel. A woman walks along a dark lonely path singing in the rain. Through the rain she hears a man whistling and she knows it's too late to run, just as much as we do. It's stalking moments like this one that create a genuine thriller and the writing that backs it up is every bit of genius.

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