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This review may contain spoilers.

Good Time. The newest A24 film directed by the Safdie Brothers. This film is about a robbery gone wrong which causes the brother of the main suspect to be jailed and which case the other brother tries to collect money to make bail.

The brothers are played by Robert Pattinson and Benny Safdie. Pattinson gives the best performance of his career while also giving one of the best performances of the year. Pattinson proves that he definitely has some serious acting skills in him. Benny Safdie's character is mentally challenged, and also gives a great performance portraying this (maybe the best since Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man?). With another great performance from Buddy Duress.

Pattinson's character Connie is one that takes advantage of every opportunity he has, for good or for worse, to get cash. Constantly thanking everyone to make himself seem like a good person. In reality, there are people just like his character. Doing anything they can to make a buck or get a hold of drugs. Even Buddy Duress's character, and how much of a alcoholic he is, relates to many people in real life. This film perfectly shows how fucked up and nasty these people's lives are. But its Benny Safdie's character that shows how hopeful and how much potential people have to change.

(NEXT paragraph is kinda spoilish, but it dwells on one of the most important factors of the film, SO FAIR WARNING)

In the beginning, Benny's character Nick is being pulled along with Connie, into doing a heist which inevitably makes Nick end up in jail. Nick doesn't seem to have that sort of human compassion for life because of being around people like Connie. But at the end, its Nick who comes to together with others and breaks that barrier of being exploited and starts to open up. It truly creates a final scene that is heartwarming and emotional.

(Ok, no more spoilish stuff)

The very first shot of Pattinson opening a door with the camera zooming into his face, is the shot that sets the tone and feel for the whole rest of the film. Good Time is pure adrenaline, fast paced, drug ridden, and gritty as all hell. The film itself doesn't allow you breathe for one second. As almost 70% of the shots are all close-ups of the characters, drugs or money. It's as if you are being pulled along on a theme park ride, unable to escape the horrors of the ride, with all the lights and sounds flying by you, building that uncomfortable tension that puts you on the edge of your seat, which creates that frantic feeling of anxiety in your stomach.

There is a lot of bright and glaring colors throughout, that make it seem as if the story was taking place in a inner city's worst nightmare. The film itself borrows heavily from filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese (who is even in the gratitude section of the credits) and Michael Mann. Even the score and soundtrack (which are phenomenal) is purely made up of synthesizers, that harken old 80s movies, like Mann's "Thief".

Good Time is without a doubt one of my favorite films of the year. From the very beginning, to the very end, I was taken by storm by how crazy and how human this film is.

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