The Happening

The Happening ★★★

It’s not the film I love but the story itself. The idea is great and it works a treat. What if the world fights back? It’s scary to think it can and that it may do some day, and there will be nothing we can do. There’s already so many natural ways the world fights back, evolves and adapts to protect or harm living things. The idea is great but was poorly executed. That’s a dam shame cos I’m a massive M. Night Shyamalan fan. I love his writing his ability to tell a story. None of the cast was right for this film. Or perhaps they focused too much on Elliot’s relationship with Alma and should of focused entirely on the happening because every time it was happening my heart raced waiting to see the terror that’s about to unfold. 
The score as always was brilliant much like signs and sixth senses. I can’t help but think what if Clive Owen instead of Whalberg? Sandra Bullock instead of Deschanel? 
The first 5 minutes of this film grips you, it’s great (WHAT IS HAPPENING). One hell of an idea that needs remastering.

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