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  • Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

    Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again


    Often hilarious and visually dizzying, Mamma Mia's sequel is a bunch of fun and a parade of sexiness. All of the musical numbers are pretty exciting, but most of the time you're just like Be still, my beating vagina, and what's not to love about that? The editing is atrocious and the story unnecessary, yet the emotions feel earned and the ensemble just makes it work. However, we all know this could have been a masterpiece if they hadn't dared…

  • On Chesil Beach

    On Chesil Beach


    The scene where Edward bursts with an I love you whilst Florence makes him hear Mozart’s Symphony No. 35 in D Major is the loveliest. The passion for music and for history that drives each of these characters brings them together in such a special way. Their love just feels real, like a true connection built on care, on companionship, on intellectual stimulation – but then sex complicates matters. In another impressive scene, with tones of humiliation, innocence, laughter, anger,…

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  • Mud



    Nichols strikes again with a moving story as much about childhood as about adulthood. With discreet and beautiful camerawork, it unfolds with the meeting of two young boys and a fugitive from the law. At first everything is in its place: our eyes, nature and an interesting and very original story. But soon the plot takes over, and while the screenplay utters some of the most interesting lines of the year, the excessive action undermines the director's great sense of…

  • The Lego Movie

    The Lego Movie


    Lego blocks as sea. Lego blocks as smoke.
    Some of the most exquisite and dazzling animation visuals to come from the US in recent memory.

    Lego blocks as freedom. Lego blocks as creativity.
    The complementary aspects of the plot/moral with the actual Lego’s is impressive. Creative freedom, team spirit and amity are all approached by both facets and the result is moving, if naive and antithetic.

    Lego blocks as publicity. Lego blocks as repression.
    The analytical side of the plot…