The Naked City ★★★★

Just some loose thoughts:

- The ending reminded me of Antonioni's ending of L'Eclisse, and any comparison to Antonioni is always a compliment.
- The scenes that aren't completely inside the plot, such as the Halloran family scenes, feel particularly special to me. The discussion between Halloran and his wife about their son's behavior, whether he should be spanked and which parent should do it, was so captivating and felt so modern.
- Barry Fitzgerald is a riot.
- The narration proved curious but the music was terribly used, although expectedly so.
- Space is definitely the main character here. The way rooms, buildings, bridges, streets, kiosks, etc. are played with is incredible. They are as important to the story as any other character.
- Even though the script could use some improvement, some moments are real highlights (like the already mentioned couple's scene) and a few lines are rather brilliant. Case in point: "This time yesterday, Jean Dexter was just another pretty girl, but now she's the marmalade on 10,000 pieces of toast." and, obviously, the famous last lines, "There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them."

| Direction: 8,0                               | Sound: 7,0
| Screenplay: 7,5                             | Editing: 9,0
| Acting: 8,0                                     | Entertainment: 8,0
| Visuals: 9,0                                   | Overall Rating: 8,0

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