2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

Extraordinary. Simply extraordinary. A friend said that 2001 is like visiting the best art museum you’ve ever been to. He was right. 
Dawn of Man, let’s discuss that sequence. Outside of key moments in the Jupiter mission section, and the moon section, Dawn of Man sequence really stood out to me. The music, the visuals, the apes. It was all meticulously and beautifully realized. No dialogue for these extraordinary 20 minutes. When the ape threw up that bone and it famously cut to the space ship, I knew I was in it for something special. Only Kubrick could’ve done this. Now, about the remaining parts of the film. This was made in 1968?! Some of it does look a bit aged but it’s still every bit as magnificent. 
Now, the structure. I was warned of its unusual, mostly nonverbal structure, and I expected to attempt to pick up on it throughout the film, but the film instantly hooked me. I was taken along for the ride, and it would be only until the last 20 minutes so I realize what I’d been through and its where I’d start wondering what it meant, but no matter. It never detracted from the film, but in fact, added to it. I’ve often read that this film intends to tap into your subconscious, evoke feelings. Certainly, tears were shed in multiple parts of the film, namely Dawn of Man and the Star Gate sequences. The simple beauty of the film couldn’t be overstated. This was the most intense experience I’ve had with a film in a while, it felt like I was taken into a higher place or something. I was in awe the whole time, and I’m pretty fucking happy I’ve seen this. This definitely is one of the films you must see before you die. Essential in the every sense of the word. Kubrick, with this film, I can say you’re the greatest of all time. Hats off.

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