Die Hard: With a Vengeance ★★★★★


No dull moments. Constant movement. Chaos. Simon says. That guy McClane threw off in the first film? Turns out he has a brother! And he’s played by the great Jeremy Irons? Count me in! Director John McTiernan still at the top of his game. Samuel L. Jackson’s banter with Willis is off the charts, it’s magical. Whether they disagree or agree, you just feel a special sort of partnership occurring here. It’s always good to watch them both in action. I can say with certainty that after they meet, they mostly scream at each other and it’s great. Every frame transitions to the next, even in midst of multiple action scenes but it never loses momentum. The movement this film goes is bonkers and it’s all the more engaging. It’s never absurd, disrespectful, or dull. Every moment counts, and that is what a great action film should do. Absolutely thrilling and it’s also a great film without the action elements. In the midst of screaming, we still find significant character moments for McClane and Zeus (Sam Jackson). We find that Zeus has a grudge (justifiably so) against white people, yet he ends up in this ordeal with a white cop McClane. They go to great lengths (with some setbacks and glorious insults) to forge a special kind of friendship at the end. McClane, however, is as unhinged as you can get. He’s recently separated from his wife again, is suspended from the force, and he’s an full blown alcoholic (or one step left?). Yet his wit has never been more sharper, and he’s still McClane despite all of the setbacks that’s occurred in his life. In times of chaos, he’s able to realize his own problems, and so should we. All in all, this is one of the most entertaining movies I’ve ever seen. It does everything so right, and it all comes together so well. On the surface, it has the same plot elements of the original, but it changes things up a fair bit and it all pays off. Just simply fantastic.

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