Inglourious Basterds ★★★★★


"I think this just might be my masterpiece."

Not subtle at all as the film reaches its violent climax, Tarantino makes the 153 minute entirely worth running through as the tension is built up throughout, and even then he doesn't let up until the very end. I may prefer The Hateful Eight a great deal more than this, but it's hard to say that this doesn't have one hell of a craftsmanship present throughout and perhaps overindulgence. I also believe this to contain Tarantino's best writing since Pulp Fiction or even Jackie Brown. Everything that's set up from the fabulous opening scene until the multiple pay offs to the very end, as if one does pay attention, it's hard not to let out a sigh of relief at the very end. Might as well have Tarantino stand in for Brad Pitt at the end and just nail down that last line, because it probably is.

Major props to Christoph Waltz, and I couldn't speak for his entire filmography as I haven't seen all of his films up to this point, but this is still his best performance. To navigate through total dread and darkly entertaining, Waltz just nails it down. He simply demolishes the role, as many accounts have had Tarantino believing it to be an impossible role to play as it may seem to cross into parody territory. If these accounts are indeed true, then I would believe him. Waltz was handed a seemingly impossible task and got it done with an almost alarming ease.

Random thoughts:
More Daniel Brühl in future Tarantino projects please. He's amazing in this.

Mélanie Laurent absolutely sells it to the end. Fabulous performance.

It only just occurred to me that Eli Roth was in this, and apparently directed the film in this film, Nation's Pride, and I would've loved to be the fly on the wall as they bounce ideas off each other. Glorious pairing.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood can't come soon enough. If the rumors of him making it longer are true, then by all means. Tarantino is definitely a very inspired filmmaker, and he does indulge in himself (others?) often, but I do too. He's always been right up my alley, and I'd probably give that full marks before the opening credits begin. Bless that man.

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