Inside Out ★★★★★


"Do you ever look at someone and wonder, "What is going on inside their head?" Well, I know. I know Riley's head."

Pixar makes it look effortless. As Toy Story 4 seemed to show Pixar at their most emotionally mature, this is up there too. It's quite a lot to unpack, and I'm astonished this is all in just one and a half hour.

What makes this film even more special is that it doesn't have to be about growing up. It doesn't have to be about moving to a new place. Heck, it doesn't have to be about Riley at all. I know it all sounds contradictory as we should stay invested in the film's premise, but hear me out. Pixar made a film out of the five sentient emotions living inside a head. Naturally, they would look out for you, but it's far too often when the emotions can betray you. Some of it is even played for laughs in this film, but it's reality to millions of adults. I know that all too well, and I'm certain much of the film hit the emotional beats hard for many adults who likely went with their kids. It just goes to show that not even adults know how to deal with their emotions, but even with the way the sentient emotions handled the ever changing situation for Riley, perhaps there's something for us all to discern from this beautiful and emotional masterpiece.

Again, Pixar makes it look so effortless. It feels like it all comes too easy to them, but then I'm just forgetting about a MVP Minnesotan, Pete Docter who continues to impress me as a filmmaker. He just has such a grip on ideas while he never forgets to make it a lot of fun. Looking forward for more from him.

No idea why I didn't get around to this earlier, but better late than never. I'm just glad I saw this at all. Phyllis Smith is MVP, but the voice cast may be the best I've seen overall. Such abundant talent in a single film, and such commitment in just 95 short minutes!

This isn't just a great film, but it's an extremely important one. I believe this should become a classroom staple beginning in elementary school.

Random thought:
Lewis Black voiced Anger which makes way too much sense. I'll never not find that hilarious.