Invasion of the Body Snatchers ★★★★★


"It's a big conspiracy."
"What's a conspiracy?"

They didn't come in metal ships. They didn't come with laser weapons. No saucers. They come in... pods! And you're one of them when you sleep!

I didn't necessarily think it was impossible for this to clear the bar that the 1956 original raised (which I just fucking ADORE), but this did that with ease, and maybe raised it even higher. Man. The tension just wouldn't let up in the first 10 minutes, and only ratchets up from then on to the end.

Immediately, this film set itself apart from the 1956 film with its camerawork. My, my, my. It's quite dizzying, and only provokes you to feel fear for everyone. In many ways, it made me feel like I was with these people trying to figure out what's going on around them. Despite sharing a great many elements with the 1956 original, this still made me feel like I was going through it for the first time. While I still would maintain the 1956 film is a terrific example of tension building, I may yet prefer this one for it makes you uneasy, and justifies itself in a very short span of time.

That Kevin McCarthy cameo surprised the hell out of me, and just loved that scene. A perfect reason to have him aboard despite it being a remake.

The cast was incredibly solid, and may yet be another element I prefer this to the 1956 film. Donald Sutherland is dynamite, but Brooke Adams did a phenomenal job too. She walked the line between reasonable and crazy so well, and was one reason why the film felt like I was seeing it all for the first time. Leonard Nimoy is in a somewhat unexpected role, but he did a terrific job. It's hard to set him apart from the iconic Spock role, but he did it with ease here.

That pod scene? No thanks. I'll never want to witness something like that in my life. So well done.

I've never purchased a Blu Ray copy so fast immediately after streaming a film. It's on Amazon Prime, and it deserves your attention. It's just less than two hours, yet packs quite a punch. If it doesn't during the course of the film, maybe that shriek will.

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