Jackie Brown ★★★★

Quentin Tarantino’s most mature film to date and it was only his third film, following up Pulp Fiction. He certainly hasn’t lost a step by this time, but also delivered his most subdued, mature film to date. There isn’t quite as much profanity laced dialogue, as there isn’t as much ultra violence, or completely eccentric characters. The magic he worked with the eccentric isn’t quite as present, but this film should earn some respect for his effort alone when you look at his filmography to date. He still delivers a story well told, with fantastic performances especially with Pam Grier and Robert Forster. Robert De Niro was the surprising part of this film, he seemed to do very little in the grand scheme of things but he really stood out with his subdued role. But no matter. Ultra violence and eccentric characters are very much linked with Tarantino’s antics as a storyteller and filmmaker, but this is a very respectable effort, and while I felt the running time was padded, it’s still great as a character piece. It’s still very entertaining, and I can only assume this will hold up very well on repeat viewings. Not as fun, but still entertaining. Don’t miss this one.

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