Malignant ★★★★½


"What the fuck?"

Have to be honest when I say this didn't immediately hook me in at first, coupled with some really interesting line readings, but when I sort of figured where Wan was going with all he was doing at first, but it's the fact that he went for it in the first place that had me howling and absolutely on its wavelength. I suspect going in again will be a hoot and a half, because that's what this exactly is. Yes, it delivers on the creeps but most of all, it's just a nasty affair that'll deliver the goods for everyone who knows what they're getting themselves into. A dash of what came before in the giallo genre yet Wan gives it his own spin also. With almost nonexistent marketing, an interesting variety of reactions, plus with Wan's still impeccable resume, this is destined to be a cult classic, and count me in that cult. We might say they don't make the movies like they used to but at least James Wan is keeping the spirit alive these days.

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