Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★★


"Whole city's going to hell. You can't take a pee anywhere anymore."

Come on, I wasn't going to miss out on a picture that starred Tom Atkins and Bruce Campbell, with a killer cop on the loose. Yet it turned out that this actually has some really relevant commentary on cops that still rings all too true today. There's a great bit as Tom Atkins is watching television in a bar, where he hears from the people's various reactions about a killer cop on the loose, and what struck out to me that some of them were unfazed since, news flash, killer cops have been around for a good damn while. Just not this titular unkillable cop. Real life, breathing cops with guns with their first instinct to shoot and ask questions later. But don't mistake this for some hard-hitting commentary on cops, but it's there in bits. This is first and foremost a B-movie slasher. It's fully aware of itself, and does whatever the hell it wants. I enjoyed every single scene, and it's a breeze at 88 minutes. It's entertaining as all get out, and I might check out the sequels in the coming days. Oh and that Sam Raimi cameo was pretty neat! Fun movie all around. Now I'm very interested to see what else this Lustig fella has to offer. I found this on Shudder, which is probably the streaming service for your spooky needs.