Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind ★★★★★


"The air is full of rage. The atmosphere is saturated with anger."

Hayao Miyazaki does it again. Firing on all cylinders even back in 1984, and even this blew away my own expectations. I threw this on for the occasion of Earth Day, and I couldn't have thought of a better choice. I still need to see more of Miyazaki's work, but I honestly believe when it's all said and done, this may yet be my top 3 of his. There's a unique beauty in this even compared to other Ghibli features that really struck out to me this time.

Miyazaki really has an eye for oddity and beauty, and even in 1984, he didn't pull any punches in terms of oddity and beauty. Though this often evokes the issues we face on Earth today, mostly environmental but certainly including war, greed and to name others, but Miyazaki was also able to create a visually striking world in which actually astounded me. The unassuming Valley of the Wind comes hand in hand with totally natural beauty, and that's where Miyazaki comes out swinging to make sure that you could be in awe of nature, even in animation. But in all of what Miyazaki was able to do back then, there's a rather surprising angry undercurrent, and it feels all too relevant nearly 40 years later.

Absolutely essential Miyazaki feature, and you should watch this, for not too far in the film will you recognize what we're doing to our planet today. It's also family friendly, and I might even suggest this one over Princess Mononoke for something to throw on for all ages, for everyone needs to be aware of the impending threat that may engulf the entire Earth. Either way, both should do the job of educating all for the urgency we should act now for our home planet. This is not to be missed.

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