Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★


"Rick fucking Dalton."

Well, this is it. If Quentin Tarantino wanted to ride out into the sunset, he could do it now. Simultaneously going back to what catapulted him into fame with Pulp Fiction all the while this film is a throwback to classic Hollywood just as the Golden Era ended, it's both a love letter and a lamentation. Tarantino might as well have been building his entire career towards this, as he gets to delve deeply into what he loves; cinema. And feet. There's a lot of shots with feet up close. Anyway, going into this, if you've seen one or several Tarantino flicks, then you likely know what to expect. I certainly got what I expected, if a bit surprised in what he delivered at the end.

This is filled with hysterical Tarantino dialogue, always so sharp and witty in the way that it basically carves out each and every character, as packed as this film was with many well-known actors. Yet, it is in the end that leaves you bittersweet. It may not go the way you think, for it is an absolute banger, and it is where Tarantino hits his grand slam here with what he was going for in this newest turn.

Leonardo DiCaprio might as well be awarded Best Actor. It's over. As underwhelming this year has been (for me), but DiCaprio's performance will likely be cemented in one of the greats. I know, I know, I just saw it just under two hours ago, but my goodness can that man act. He shares a scene with a child in what's likely the absolute best scene this year that also drives home in what Tarantino was going for here. Brad Pitt was fantastic as well, using his boyish charm to full effect. Margot Robbie doesn't quite eat up a lot of screen-time compared to her counterparts, but she really was stunning, and did a beautiful job of portraying Sharon Tate.

Now that I think of it, this is easily Tarantino's most mature since Jackie Brown. It's his least violent. It's his least raunchiest. It's kind of hard to compete in what might be Tarantino's most fun movie yet, but this is just up there. It may be the one I will rewatch the most in the coming years, and I know it because I wanted to watch it again just as the credits rolled.

This was a complete and total blast. I just want to drive around in a Cadillac with loud music blaring in 1960s Los Angeles.

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