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"Let the past die."

Less than 24 hours on my initial viewing, somehow all of the uneasiness I've had throughout the film with all of the twists and turns, just disappeared. Sure, you know what happens when you watch it again, but you also can try to analyze the film a bit more and this time around, gain more objectivity. What do I think? Well, I'll be hard pressed to say this sucked. I can see how this easily stumbles. Yes, there are a few stumbles, especially at the Finn-Rose plotline (I have a whole half star off because of what happened between them at the end.)
Make no mistake, this is a very ambitious movie by Rian Johnson. Constantly subverting expectations, saying fuck you to fans all the while he creates a great movie, along with great potential for Star Wars (especially at the end). Risks were taken, and I fucking dig it. After the second viewing, I looked back to the opening crawls in Episode III, which contained the line, "There are heroes on both sides." I think the prequels were trying to say that good is a point of view, and it's reiterated this time around, although in a much more complex manner. Maybe I'm not fun at parties or whatever, but I've never been for the black and white points of views. I've never looked anything that way. This film discusses that in depth, and I love it. Maybe it was the constant subversion of expectations that I had been conditioned to with David Lynch's Twin Peaks revival series, but I loved it all the same. Make no mistake, this is a GREAT movie, and also a great Star Wars movie. I suspect this one will age well. Like one line that almost basically summarizes the movie, "let the past die", this hits home. Bravo, Mr. Johnson. Looking forward to your Star Wars universe movies. I'll be there the opening night.

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