The 'Burbs ★★★★


"I hate cul-de-sacs. There's only one way out and the people are kind of weird."

Wanted some goosebumps and some fun. This delivered that, in spades. I had a big smile throughout all the while some of the creepy bits really gave me goosebumps. A perfect blend of horror and comedy, this is some essential 80s cinema. Enables the suburban paranoia as much as it satirizes, this is a whole lot of material yet it's easily digestible and a lot of fun to watch. Tom Hanks is great but Carrie Fisher was just flawless here as with the rest of the cast as well. Just absolute gold from start to finish.

Need to check out more from Joe Dante. I've seen his Gremlins films as a kid, but a re-visit is overdue for his filmography.

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