The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers ★★★★★


"So it begins."

Tasked with carrying over multiple plot lines and bringing in more characters into the picture, Peter Jackson's skills would be put to the test, and he passed with flying colors. The Battle of Helm's Deep may never find its equal in this day and age where CGI has become all the rage. Jackson also adds in important interactions and plenty of action to keep us invested in the battle, which took up 40 minutes of the runtime, as well as hundreds of hours put into it to bring the battle to the silver screen. What happens feels tangible to us, and the implications it holds for the characters and their collective fate would hold true as we enter the third chapter of the trilogy. The battle isn't only a cool battle to look at, but it's masterfully directed, written, and brought to life by none other than Peter Jackson and his crew who made it all happen. The Battle of Winterfell just doesn't compare to this. Not even close. Anyway, this will always be my favorite because it juggles so many characters yet it never loses me.