Toy Story 4 ★★★★★


"To infinity....."
[REDACTED] "...and beyond."

As a fourth Toy Story entry was announced, I was immediately against it. How could you expand upon a perfect capper to a series? THAT scene? How?

Those son of bitches did it. They actually did it. They managed to greatly expand on an iconic character along with the consistent themes (abandonment, sense of purpose, loyalty, among others) throughout the series. It's very much Toy Story while it definitely feels very fresh as well. I can say this is the most wackiest entry yet in terms of new characters (especially Forky), emotional maturity (Forky once again), and even pre-existing concepts taken to new heights (Forky plays a part... again. Almost as if he's CRUCIAL to this.)

Yet, even with all the new things, it still remains a Toy Story at its core. The humor is still consistent and in line, the dialogue ever so sharp, and of course, with a totally dedicated team of animators to make the best of what they have (even if the budget is astronomical compared to the first two entries). I'll just repeat it. The animators make the best with what they have, and I mean what they do with everything is BREATHTAKING. I even asked myself throughout that if this was filmed with miniatures. Because it might as well have been. It looks hyper-realistic now. Phenomenal.

Woody's story was a story I thought was perfectly wrapped up. Nope, it's right here. He just may well be one of the best characters to ever exist in the medium of not just computer animation but in all of cinema. His journey certainly has been with me from almost day one but how it wraps up is just phenomenal (and even a little risky if you think about it).

This just might be my favorite Toy Story yet. The carnival setting is among the very best and most creative I've seen from Pixar, as well as wonderful new characters that is worthy of being added into the fold. It's been a couple hours, and I'm just not the same. I was against this from day one, and of course only Pixar could correct me ever so strongly.

Extra thoughts:

To understand Forky is essential to understanding why this entry even exists at all, and finally, to understand why all of Toy Story exists at all.

Bo Peep is a badass. Stole every moment onscreen for me.

Duke Caboom didn't disappoint. Yes, we Canada!

Love how genuinely CREEPY the villian(s) are. Straight up nightmare fuel, up there with that monkey in 3, along with Sid's room.

One more time. The animation is BREATHTAKING. The scene in the rain? Had me going, "OHHHHH" there.

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