X-Men: The Last Stand ★★★


"In chess, pawns go first."

Never came back to this shortly after release in 2006, so it's been a while. I liked it then, and I might like this a fair bit more. Even then, this one is a mess in terms of writing. It has zero idea what to do with itself, and tries to blend The Cure and Phoenix storylines, and it didn't work. It does build up some intrigue in the start, but quickly falls apart. It's still very watchable though, with a goofy tone that makes it all the more tolerable. Funny how that works. I'll credit Brett Ratner though, he has a decent sense of the camera here, and it's quickly paced. It's just the turd sandwich of a screenplay(s?) that let this movie down. Not as bad as everyone says, but it's not Origins. I remember that period where everyone hated this but Origins happened.

Just the sort of brainless comic book fun you can have on the occasion, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Random thought just occurred to me today, and I'll out with it. It just occurred to me that it is indeed Dr. Frasier Crane under that blue makeup. Amazing.

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