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  • Cuties



    We need a petition.... for these girls to start a K-Pop dance cover group!!! They're really good dancers and it's getting overshadowed by the screeching of conservative Americans.

    A misrepresented film, in that it does not necessarily aim to provoke, and it's not trying to say that the sexualization of young girls is bad by sexualizing young girls. Instead it simply depicts Western society as is, and it's an indictment or a mirror at least for western liberal feminism. There…

  • Nashville



    Altman was a complete dark horse for me up until this February, by now he's one of my very favorite filmmakers.
    For some reason I thought this was a 4 hour long film, so I was keep putting off watching it. You gotta prepare for long ass film, make sure nobody gonna bother you, it's not too late, etc.
    Today I realized it's only 2 and half hours, so I jumped right in. Man, now I wish it was 4 hours long....
    It's kinda insane these people wrote and performed these songs. They're really good, especially Ronee Blakley's.

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  • Nobody Knows

    Nobody Knows


    I appreciate Koreeda because he's the most mature, steady handed, subtle director I've ever seen. He will never try to create melodrama, instead he will quietly and gently break your heart.

  • On the Beach at Night Alone

    On the Beach at Night Alone

    While we're all sitting here thinking "holy shit, Hong is peaking right in front of our eyes, at age 56, what a man, what an inspiration", he's probably like "this ain't even my final form, plebs".

    A film of staggering beauty. It had this gorgeus darker edge to it which I really liked, due to the music, and the autumn/winter vibe, especially in Hamburg.

    I just really wish I could meet Kim Min-hee, so I can say hi and run away giggling.