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  • Waiting...



    This movie is filled with homophobia, racism, ableism, sexual harassment, old dudes trying to sleep with underage high-school girls, unspeakably disgusting things done to food, and Justin Long (shudder). Yeah, it’s fucking horrifying. In other words, Waiting... is a completely accurate depiction of working at a casual-dining chain restaurant in 2005.

  • There's Nothing Out There

    There's Nothing Out There


    Feisty self-referential horror-comedy that’s not nearly as clever as it thinks it is. OK, I admit the hero swinging to safety on the boom mic that just dipped into frame made me smile. But the horror-geek character who knows all the rules wasn’t novel even in 1991 -- see the 1986 slasher Evil Laugh, in which the Fangoria-reading Barney warns his pals that sex equals death 10 years before Randy in Scream. Surprisingly, There’s Nothing Out There’s resident horror nerd…

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  • Inland Empire

    Inland Empire


    It’s not about the bunnies...

    Is it about the bunnies?

  • Disconnected



    An early-’80s art-horror nightmare with a post-punk/new wave soundtrack featuring Hunters & Collectors and XTC. I’m not sure whether the disjointed fever-dream aesthetic was arrived at via intent or ineptitude (or a little of both), but it doesn’t matter. This is weird, fascinating regional horror for which terms like “good” or “bad” just don’t apply. I was mesmerized.

    And those phone calls are fucking unnerving. Jesus Christ.