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  • The Captain

    The Captain


    I really liked this movie when it started, but the longer it went on the less I looked it. The time of movie was inconsistent, it started as a survival movie but then changed to something much darker and the final act it felt like a silent goofball movie. There was this one comical scene that immediate makes you regret laughing because the guilt is so heavy. I enjoyed the story overall which is why I rated it so highly.

  • Milwaukee



    A movie that I have been searching for years, could not find it due to the fact that they changed the name to Almost Anything.

    I had an enjoyable time with this, it took some time to get use to each character. The girls had a similar look so it was hard to keep track who was who, but once you figure out who they are and their relationship it is easier to follow. Overall an interesting movie that I have been waiting years to see.

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  • Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople


    A great buddy comedy, where a young kid and an old man form a friendship while hiding out in the bush running from law enforcement.

    Tiaka Waititi likes to use caricatures of people, these people who are over the top kind of one dimensional. Paula is a perfect example, she is a caricature of a person who watches too many American cop movies with a one track mind of sparing no expense to find Ricky. She goes so overboard that…

  • Breathless



    An interesting take on how do we really know we love someone. I didn't really know what it was about just watched, people talk about this being one of the greats so I gave it a watch.

    So no sure about this being one of the greats, probably need to watch it a couple of times. But I love the character development and characters themselves. A young American woman moves to Paris to study who falls for a bad boy…