HyperNormalisation ★★

I deleted my review of this film, for a few reasons. 

1. I wasn’t invested enough in it, or Curtis, to put up with the aggravation it caused.

2. I could have blocked certain commenters or deleted select comments, but leaving only the remarks that said things like “great review!” seemed rather self-serving.

3. There were a few really obnoxious repeat commenters I wanted to deplatform. I am always willing to defend my views, and am happy to have an argument in good faith. But when people are posting shit like “lmao” and “cringe” and fucking Dril quotes, that’s just trolling. 

I have been writing professionally about film for over 15 years, not counting my time in academia. And one thing I like about forums like this is that they are non-hierarchical. I have learned a lot about cinema from folks 20 years my junior, and that’s really cool.

But when some basic-ass rando comes up here and tries to school me about film or politics or really anything else, like I’m just another asshole on the web with my “opinions,” well, fuck that. I do in fact have earned expertise, and you’d better show some respect. If you do, you’ll always get respect in return.

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