If You Can't See My Mirrors, I Can't See You ★★★★


From my year-end avant-garde wrap-up for Keyframe:

Two friends share stories while Peoples explores the basic principles of the film frame. And if you think that’s the extent of it, then you haven’t yet experienced this L.A. filmmaker’s unique take on the world around us. Peoples is a beacon of understatement, her films welcoming the wackiest elements (skydancers, mall fountains, noisemakers) only to mute them to the point of bone-dry comedy. She can make cypress trees dance in the sky, produce a perfectly sculpted shot of a railroad crossing sign coming down in front of a mediocre town mural, and still bulldoze through a canyon with a pair of red and blue punch-balloons. All the clichés of Greater L.A. are putty in Alee Peoples’ hands. More, please.