Lemonade ★★★★


In lieu of trying and failing to write a meaningful review, I refer you to Sally Jane Black who, while providing her own insights, has spent most of her space directing her readership to other writers' essays on Beyoncé and Lemonade, mostly by women of color. Perfect generosity, and I really just want to follow suit.

I will throw out one thought, though. Last night I was lurking around a chatboard devoted to discussing the Criterion Collection, and one of the threads always pertains to titles suspected to be upcoming releases in the series. No, Lemonade was not mentioned. But apparently there is a long-standing, baseless rumor that Criterion is going to release a DVD of (get this) Lana Del Rey's music videos. You know the ones, where she pouts and then there's a black-and-white Walt Disney clip and some random 1950s commercial footage, for "nostalgia"?

How could anybody even think this? How is this junk considered art in a universe where Lemonade exists? Oh yeah, whiteness.

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