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  • Early Man

    Early Man


    "One of the key figures responsible for the creation of some of the most expressive and existentially relatable characters of the last four decades, Nick Park has spent his career innovating on the possibilities of claymation. Never mind the achievement that one of his most well-known characters is a mute canine who’s more slyly verbose than most motormouths in any medium. Mining liberally from the slapstick calamities of golden age Looney Tunes and the freewheeling absurdity of Monty Python, Park…

  • Creed



    Mostly agree with my original review, but think it might be a bit too try-hard at times. Either way, it's clear now that Coogler was uniquely suited to make a franchise reset of a story about the weight of legacy. The one take has the fireworks, but my favorite is still the slow motion behind the back shot with Creed running alongside the 12 O'Clock Boys. If there's a single image that encapsulates Coogler's promise, it's that one.

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    Hi there, it's been a little while, but I wrote a review. Here's an excerpt of what I wrote for The Film Stage.

    "On a basic level, Paul Thomas Anderson makes films about magnetic presences — figures who emanate such greatness that it’s nearly as impossible for bystanders to be around them as it is to not be around them. Phantom Thread, Anderson’s ninth film, is of a piece with much of his career in that way, telling of a…

  • Mudbound



    My empire of dirt. A bit long winded and pokey, but Rees has mostly achieved a thrilling and powerful juggling act of perspectives, tones, and textures.

    Whole cast is effective, but Mitchell is the heart and soul. So full of warmth and potential while still communicating the box he feels trapped in.