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  • A Hero

    A Hero


    "What good did he do?"

    Very much In line with Farhadi's past moral inquiries in the structure of winding, precise misunderstandings. But while he retains some of his programmatic moves (Bluntly revealing character intros, juxtaposing finales), new urgency comes in the stacking of previously disparate spheres of interest. Subjects like divorce, perceptions of crime, and familial mistrust are fixtures of films as early as Fireworks Wednesday to more recent fare like The Salesman.

    Here, the script intertwines these subjects…

  • Mainstream


    “Good idea? Bad idea?”

    It’s honestly difficult for me to imagine a more aggressively lame, tedious, flat, unimaginative influencer satire than this.

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  • Titane



    Heavy metal petting.

    Really feel like I should have had a stronger positive or negative reaction to this given how hard it’s trying to make me feel something.

  • Joker



    Absolutely not. 

    Only aggressively terrible for about five minutes but aggressively dull for the rest of the time.