Black Panther

Black Panther ★★★

Great performances, a mix of tactility/ Marvel bullshit that only accentuates the flatness of the latter, and a full - bodied design sensibility. AND also politics that are as incoherent as often as they feel radical.

But I also feel extremely conflicted how rap music is used in this given how the decisions codify Wakanda/Oakland. That tenuously maps on to modern/traditional but falls apart when you consider the “sympathy” toward Killmonger is a “monster of their own making” and Wakanda is working with the CIA as it’s own endeavor of morally unencumbered heroism.

I imagine it’s supposed to read as messy but the optics are clearly delineated to the point where that final concession still feels exactly that - a concession. By far the most interesting Marvel movie either way and one of the few for me where internal text reflects a moral elasticity at war with its own commodified allegiances.

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