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  • The Eight Hundred

    The Eight Hundred


    A well done war film in the same tone as the many well done war films made by the Russian film industry of "The Great Patriotic War". I lost count of the number of times people gave rousing speeches followed by the close up shot of a tear rolling down a cheek. The dialog is a lot silly: [see The Wandering Earth for reference]. Definitely entertaining but definitely too long. A good depiction of the heroic and mettlesome army of the Chinese Nationalist Party, etc.

  • Becky



    Entertaining characters but the nazi clowns are in the same league as the Wet Bandits in their inability to deal with a child. Becky uses a lot more effective methods to slap the nazis in the kisser than lonely Kevin. There's a lot more carnage for the police to clean up after she's done with them other than wet floors.

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