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  • Insomnia



    a hazy, illusory lucid dream that slowly blossoms into a waking nightmare. it's brutal and cynical in picking apart its hero and villain, stripping bare the violent, selfish, masculine bones which underlie them both the same. would have loved to see more of the disorienting cinematography and editing - landscapes are both consuming and restrictive, inducing a sense of simultaneous agoraphobia and claustrophobia, while chase and investigative scenes become circular and invasive, reeling back inwards on themselves like oneiric recursions.

  • The Creeping Flesh

    The Creeping Flesh


    classical no-frills, lo-thrills British horror. it's a little droll in how self-serious, melodramatic, and groggy it is, and there's certainly a bit of fun to be had at its expense, MST3K style. but Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and some budget claymation means you gotta at least respect its commitment. and Lee with an arched brow, mustache/goatee, and top hat? hell of a look.

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  • The Battle of Algiers

    The Battle of Algiers


    alternately calm/brutal, highlighting the desperation of rebellion & the banality of the state. is freedom worth this? more worryingly, is domination?

  • Cronos



    an intelligent, Gothic vampire tale. a little hopeless, haunted, and lonely; sadly - classically - we know that this was always out of Gris' hands.