Keane ★★★

In the movie Keane, I found it almost impossible to relax during the film as it was so difficult and terrifying to witness his behavior. In the beginning of the story I found Keane seemed to be a heartbroken man who was obsessed with finding ways to get his daughter back.
Throughout the film Keane is constantly re living his daughters abduction.Then all of his energy around wanting to get his old daughter back is suddenly transferred into the daughter of a woman he meets at his hotel named Keira. He puts Keira in direct danger in the hopes of tracking down the kidnaper.In the end of the film he abducts Keira from school and tells her he and her mother are moving away with her real father.
Out of his grief and mental illness he is making the same choices as what happened to his daughter. Yet he is so in his own world that he can't see that his misguided actions could result in another tragedy. He acts out his loneliness for what he believes is his supposedly missing daughter. He is trying to fill the void with another persons child. Then I was wondering if he even had a daughter or if the was just a fantasy he fixated on. Keane is a movie of a tortured man looking to save his daughter in hopes of saving himself and filling the void that was left when his daughter was abducted.