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  • A Beautiful Mind
  • Dazed and Confused
  • Garden State
  • Memento

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  • Dracula


  • The Iron Giant


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  • Changeland



    This has such an authentic feel to it, and it's certainly not the most exciting movie I have ever seen, but having spent two weeks in Thailand, it does a great job of capturing the natural beauty of the country.

  • I Saw the Devil

    I Saw the Devil


    Wow. Kim Jee-woon crafts a genius and brutal film that is so reminiscent of Park Chan-wook's sympathy trilogy. Choi Min-sik is absolutely brilliant, super scary, and an extremely believable serial killer. I have chills still thinking about this one. A must watch for fans of the genre.

Popular reviews

  • Run Boy Run

    Run Boy Run


    A devastating look at the drastic measures that Jewish people had to undertake to survive during the Hitler regime. The story follows a brave young Jewish boy on the run in Poland who is left to fend for himself while evading Nazi soldiers, and finding what solace he can from various compassionate people he meets along the way. I like how the film highlights the Polish farmers and villagers who were willing to risk their own lives to do what they knew was right by helping this poor child, showing that even in the worst of times there are people who will do good.

  • Triumph of the Spirit

    Triumph of the Spirit


    Triumph of the Spirit is a movie that gets lost among the mass of WWII/Holocaust movies. I imagine it was definitely overshadowed by the release of Schindler's List only a few years later. But I think this is unfair. On the surface, it doesn't seem to add much that you can't find in other movies. But I think it highlights a couple of things that have often been marginalized when we think about WWII and the concentration camps. The first,…