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  • Coco



    Everything about this film is gorgeous. Visually stunning, the soundtrack is heartbreaking, but over and above all that, its soul is beautiful. A family that anyone can relate to and a central character in Miguel who’s journey is familiar and at the same time surprising. Pixar have once again created a world that is a joy to let wash over you.

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    Brilliantly uncomfortable from almost the moment it starts. Never have a bunch of old white people been so stoned-faced scary. Frightening and funny in all the right measures. Loved it.

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  • The Fly

    The Fly


    One of the first horror movies I ever saw and I'm not sure how much of the fear generated by this movie comes from my adolescent brain but it still chills me to the bone. My favourite Goldblum performance by far.

  • Skyfall



    I've never been the biggest fan of Bond. I mean I'll watch them and enjoy them but I wouldn't activity go out of my way to view one. However, Craig's Bond (and with Mendes at the helm) is something I have sought out and loved. Skyfall has it all (and yes, I include Adele's theme tune) — of particular note is Bardem's baddie and Dench, who is well Dench in this.