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  • Blue Collar

    Blue Collar


    I watch this film once a year. And I am reminded again and again this film is America’s greatest cinematic piece about class struggle, nothing has come close to it. How Schrader composes to the No Exit experience of the American proletariat, and its ultimate conclusion that any kind of solidarity would have to address all needs because all experiences aren’t equal in our nation. You have to respect that the only answer it chooses to give you is reality,…

  • Annihilation


    This film is just so flat. It relies on a soft tone rather than world real building or making specific characters that hold actual intentions, the performances feel like generic states of being rather than people with deep lived experiences entering a significant moment in their existence. All the happenings are muddled and thus the conclusions have no weight. This is now the 2nd Garland film I’ve seen and I don’t see the hype, he builds his movies on generic…

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  • High Flying Bird

    High Flying Bird


    Might be the worst thing I’ve ever seen Soderbergh do. Wooden performances, plastic dialogue and empty dramatics. It has the same spastic tone for 90 minutes and we here them talk with no connection to the words they are saying the whole time. It’s more content generation nonsense. It has no real take on capitalism and commodification, it has buzzfeed or Root article commentary on it. That’s not cinema, that’s not dramatic experience. Nothing is ever in its bones. I’m…

  • If Beale Street Could Talk

    If Beale Street Could Talk


    Flat. 2 hours of affectation. Everything feels so muscled. Cutouts instead of human beings or even archetypes. Nonsensical camera choices that just feel like a mix of Ebony Magazine coming to life or copies of Todd Haynes Far From Heaven or Carol. A few nice acting moments here and there but it’s repeating the same note over and over. Jenkin's is quickly becoming a self-caricature because he knows he can get over with his bleeding heart liberal audience.