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  • Donnie Brasco

    Donnie Brasco


    One of those “movies I don’t think are great or even good by any means but I can watch it” flicks. Why? Mostly cause of Pacino. It’s actually one his better performances and it’s the type of role he doesn’t get to play often, an underworld character who is not a top notch cat, and a rather sad sack. Al plays it perfectly, never a bad moment and truly some remarkable ones. But he’s really the only thing about the…

  • The Fly

    The Fly


    I saw this as a kid and honestly it was over my head. I just saw it as a gore pic with cool effects but not much more...

    Well, watching it again as an adult I have to say, this film kinda rocked me emotionally. Such a brilliant meditation of the body and how we react to the various changes that can happen to it and how quickly we can go from ecstasy to fear to complete changing of our…

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  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco

    The Last Black Man in San Francisco

    Nah bruh, this ain’t it. 

    This cinematic trend to beautify Black struggle and minimize it narratively to some struggle of “self” rather than a real analysis of how Blackness always gets the short end of the stick by design is a horrible trend. This film attempted to use cinematic tricks and visual aesthetics to cover up for the fact it has nothing real to say about what has happened to Black people in gentrification despite its grandiose title. It hides…

  • The Great Hack

    The Great Hack


    So...political propaganda and manufacturing consent started with the 2016 election and Brexit? Could have fooled me. Guess they never heard of people like Edward Bernays and Henry Kissinger then. This doc is absurd in its presuppositions that private industry influence on national elections is some new phenomena, even the use of data (guess they missed Adam Curtis’s several docs on this subject over the last 20 years). No, it’s just more sophisticated now. The whole doc is a lot of…