Can't Get You Out of My Head ★★★★★

I am dizzy...

I didn’t think Curtis could ever make something more significant than any of his other works and lord how I was wrong. This in many ways feels like the piece he has building too his entire career, and it shows how locked in with history he actually is. What’s incredible about it is Curtis keeps his grand thesis of global corruption in the age of individuality, even keeps some familiar areas of interest while expanding on them (US, UK, Russia) but then adds areas he’s hardly ever touched on before (China, the Black political movements) and weaves them seamlessly and thus making his entire scope feel in this time even more rich. It might be the most exhaustive work of essay political moving image commentary I’ve ever seen.

I could go through the fine points but it would take me days, what’s compelling is understanding that while we are all paranoid of each other, sometimes to ends that are downright tyrannical and oppressive, none of us are getting right as well, you see this in his display and harsh take down of anti-Chinese sentiment in the West but also his analysis of China as government a large failure in terms of its people, just like every other nation in the world. Liberals won’t like this piece, it’s final leg is so damning when you consider the entire history behind it. 

The globe is a failed state. It’s that simple.

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