The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Nah bruh, this ain’t it. 

This cinematic trend to beautify Black struggle and minimize it narratively to some struggle of “self” rather than a real analysis of how Blackness always gets the short end of the stick by design is a horrible trend. This film attempted to use cinematic tricks and visual aesthetics to cover up for the fact it has nothing real to say about what has happened to Black people in gentrification despite its grandiose title. It hides beyond vague personal storytelling of family mis-truths that they top off with some cliche Black masculinity conversation that you could find in a Vox article all the while making a caricature of the urban Black male. But I’m supposed to forgive it cause it has slick visual imagery that attempts to stroke your sentimental heart strings? B.S. I give it a 1 star cause I liked that it had some Zoom shots. Other than that, skip it.

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