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  • Sucker Punch

    Sucker Punch


    Sucker Punch establishes quickly its focus, which is the psychological and physical dominance of men over women. Opening with Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics sang by Emily Browning is not a simple pop choice to underline the abuse on the screen. Instead it immediately sets the viewer in the mind of Browning’s Babydoll character. Beside a voice over, Snyder stages the event leading to the confinement of Babydoll in a psychiatric hospital with only images and music. The lack of words…

  • Carol



    I don't know why I waited this much to revisit Carol, but probably it's just for the best, because once again it set my mind on fire:

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  • Rich and Famous

    Rich and Famous


    Such a gentle film. I love that it is not afraid to take the time it needs with its leads, never showing off or opting for the easy way. Their inner turmoil, their desires and failures, their needs: everything is captured with natural charm just as everything moves smoothly till the very last, simply magical shot.

  • Girlhood



    Part Spring Breakers, part The Wire, but very much on its own overall. Sciamma is so good at focusing on the intensity of Touré's eyes that some shots are just hypnotic without seemingly doing nothing.

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  • The Unchanging Sea

    The Unchanging Sea


    How can you film longing for somebody combined with the idea and (at the same time!) the actual fact of time going by? Don't worry, Griffith already did it.

  • Cats



    One of the most visually daring films I've seen in recent years, this is also a marvellous experiment in giving up narrative clues for the sake of trying new forms of story-telling. It doesn't care about the comfortable position of the viewer. Instead, it keeps pushing and pushing them outside the boundaries they are accustomed to while ignoring their pride. No wonder most were repelled, there is almost nothing here of the cinema we have been used to in the…