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  • Boyz n the Hood

    Boyz n the Hood


    Poetry of the street. Without following the documentary route, Singleton finds his rhythm and brings out a reality so vivid it hurts. Plot or not this is a series of deep portrayals with the power to scare, offend, and offer endless thoughts.

  • Comrades: Almost a Love Story

    Comrades: Almost a Love Story


    Chan seems to believe that Hong Kong has never been the land of opportunities for mainlanders with little hope to survive where they were born, and extends his disillusion to New York by blending the differences between the two cities. Eventually, all that Lee Kiu and Lai Siu Kwan are working for is to remain in the same place after all. As immigrants in the United States as they were in Hong Kong, they are looked down and confined to…

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  • Cats



    One of the most visually daring films I've seen in recent years, this is also a marvellous experiment in giving up narrative clues for the sake of trying new forms of story-telling. It doesn't care about the comfortable position of the viewer. Instead, it keeps pushing and pushing them outside the boundaries they are accustomed to while ignoring their pride. No wonder most were repelled, there is almost nothing here of the cinema we have been used to in the…

  • The Unchanging Sea

    The Unchanging Sea


    How can you film longing for somebody combined with the idea and (at the same time!) the actual fact of time going by? Don't worry, Griffith already did it.