Toolbox Murders ★★★★

This only gets better on a second viewing, because even though the DVD can't make enough justice of the visuals, it's just fantastic to notice the surroundings and the frightening nothing that happens most of the time under those lights and with those colours. It's a toned down digital, darker shades of orange, green, and brown immersed in weak lights, everything conveying decay and isolation, dirt and dust. The environment is scary (Carpenter?), the neighbours are scary (Romero?), the humour is scary (Hooper?). The way Hooper moves his camera within closed spaces is one of the things I like the most about his style, because he always manages to walk the thin line between quiet discomfort and menacing power around the corner. It's us, comfortably observing the horror from our couches, following the characters, or are the characters, an extension of our fears and beliefs, moving closer and closer towards us to make us realise that what we are afraid of can actually exist?

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