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One of the great independent features, David Lynch’s 1977 debut is a miracle of craft and sound design. Featuring an enigmatic lead performance from Jack Nance and spilled-ink lensing from Frederick Elms, Eraserhead is a visionary nightmare that plunders the darkest recesses of the American psyche.

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Told in her own words through diary entries or letters, and using a wide range of—often exclusive—material, this documentary about the fascinating figure of Maria Callas portrays her battles with her “diva” image, and the polarity between one’s public and private persona. A legend deconstructed.

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The film which made Éric Rohmer’s international reputation, this third entry in his series of Moral Tales sparkles in its captivating brew of philosophical musings and chaste intellectual flirtation. Stunningly shot by Néstor Almendros, the snow-kissed Clermont-Ferrand setting casts a wintry spell.

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Making Levan Akin’s name memorized throughout the world of cinema, And Then We Danced raises the pulse with dance scenes, while masterfully capturing the ambiguous, silky projections of desire. A subtle love story that explores queer possibilities in a conservative Georgian folk dance company.

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Nothing can prepare you for Julia Ducournau’s multi-layered & uncompromising vision for TITANE. Pure cinematic bliss unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Unbelievably committed performances from Agathe Roussell & Vincent Lindon with a killer soundtrack. What a fucked up, galvanizing & surprisingly emotional ride! I dare not spoil anything but wow, there’s so much to unpack with this one. I wouldn’t recommend it to most people I know who aren’t hardcore cinephiles but for those willing to go in with an open mind…brace yourselves!

The films of Jean-Luc Godard, that great iconoclast of the French New Wave, have always been so mired in an esoteric miasma of philosophical/pop-cultural minutiae that attempting to decode them for their intended interior meanings is an exercise not only of futility but of insanity. Not only is an exhaustive knowledge of Marxist philosophy essential, but so is an encyclopedic familiarity with the cinema, both American and European, patrician and popular. So if only Godard can truly understand and appreciate…

for crying out loud

Reflecting on artificial intelligence almost half a century ago, Maska attests to Stanisław Lem’s pioneering imagination. Set in a futuristic yet feudal tech-dystopia, this story about an insect-like robot gaining self-awareness is a natural fit for the Quay brothers’ subdued nightmarish visions.

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