Black to the Future

In AFTER EARTH and GEMINI MAN, two high-tech, critically maligned sci-fi films, Will Smith embodies a rare kind of Black hero.

Beware of Dario Argento: A 20-Film Retrospective | June 17 - 29

Film at Lincoln Center and Cinecittà present Beware of Dario Argento: A 20-Film Retrospective, a retrospective of the iconic Italian horror director’s influential feature films, 17 of them premiering in brand-new 4K restorations, with the director in person for select screenings. Presented in collaboration with Italian Cultural Institute. Sponsored by MUBI.

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The personal and the collective lyrically entwine in Alice Diop’s Berlinale prizewinner, lending an ear to the underrepresented voices of Paris’s maligned outskirts. A lattice of experiences where filming is akin to remembering, these everyday vignettes evoke the rich cultural tapestry of the city.

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Helke Misselwitz followed the success of WINTER ADÉ with this rich portrait of a private coal company in East Berlin. Vividly capturing the last gasps of the GDR, WHO’S ARRAID OF THE BOGEYMAN transcends anthropological snapshot by virtue of Misselwitz’s boundless curiosity and piercing empathy.

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Directed by Radu Muntean, one of the most exciting voices of the Romanian New Wave, this tightly-wound satire of middle-class altruism is a mischievous delight. Testing the limits of its do-gooders’ capacity for charity, the wickedly funny ÎNTREGALDE pairs scabrous wit with claustrophobic suspense.

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The rage and loneliness of adolescence take a pulpy turn in Claudio Giovannesi’s gripping drama, where schoolbooks are swapped for guns. With his angelic face, first-time actor Francesco Di Napoli stands for a generation of Neapolitan youth for whom coming of age constitutes a fall from grace.

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Bursting with revolutionary fervor, Isabelle Solas’s documentary is a rallying cry against patriarchal and religious intolerance. Intimately intersectional in their embrace of body diversity, transfeminist activists in Argentina fight their tireless battles with courage, resilience, and radical joy.

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Featuring a powerful and daring performance by Sofia Kappel, PLEASURE is Ninja Thyberg's refreshingly uncompromising feature debut, with anm analysis of will, ambition and consent in the adult film industry that breaks down old-fashioned taboos on sex work.

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Arthouse favorite Wong Kar Wai took an artistic leap forward with this richly written love story. He won Best Director at Cannes, but just as much praise is due the exquisite look from cinematographer Christopher Doyle and the heart-wrenching performances by superstars Tony Leung and Leslie Cheung.

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After Godard, it's time to visit a different but no less beautiful side of the French New Wave with Éric Rohmer, the crème de la crème of sex comedy auteurs, heir to wry masters from Woody Allen to Hong Sang-soo.

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