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Ran | Official Trailer

With Ran, legendary director Akira Kurosawa reimagines Shakespeare’s King Lear as a singular historical epic set in sixteenth-century Japan.

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Reflecting on artificial intelligence almost half a century ago, Maska attests to Stanisław Lem’s pioneering imagination. Set in a futuristic yet feudal tech-dystopia, this story about an insect-like robot gaining self-awareness is a natural fit for the Quay brothers’ subdued nightmarish visions.

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The great documentarian John Gianvito brings his distinctive filmmaking approach to an equally distinctive figure of American politics: the radical activist Helen Keller. The film builds on Keller’s own powerful words to create a tactile, evocative document that speaks to the impact of her beliefs.

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50 years after May ‘68, Jean-Gabriel Périot collaborated with pupils to re-enact films from this revolutionary time. This ingenious exercise becomes a launching pad for wider reflections on the legacy of leftist ideals, providing an honest insight into a new generation’s relationship with politics.

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This freewheeling sci-fi mystery spins through moods and styles in hallucinatory fashion, as one man’s journey to find his roots morphs into an expansive intergalactic quest. A loose adaptation of Stanisław Lem’s eponymous masterpiece, His Master’s Voice is a strikingly unique cinematic vision.

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In her hypnotic documentary feature, Ethiopian-Mexican filmmaker Jessica Beshir explores the coexistence of everyday life and its mythical undercurrents. Though a deeply personal project—Beshir was forced to leave her hometown of Harar with her family as a teenager due to growing political strife—the film she returned to make about the city, its rural Oromo community of farmers, and the harvesting of the country’s most sought-after export (the euphoria-inducing khat plant) is neither a straightforward work of nostalgia nor an issue-oriented…

Pedro Almodóvar’s punk sensibility seemed not to diminish in his third feature, although he began to flirt with the melodrama that he would embrace later. This irreverent satire was written as a vehicle for Cristina Sánchez Pascual, but Carmen Maura is the one who receives a pet tiger as an accessory.

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