• Towards Tenderness

    Towards Tenderness

    Brutal yet empathetic, Alice Diop’s César-winning documentary short lays bare how macho ideals have corroded the minds and souls of young men. Born out of prejudiced disenfranchisement, the cage of toxic masculinity seems inescapable, yet moments of tenderness gesture towards a hopeful future.

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  • RRR


    Freedom fighters Komaram Bheem and Alluri Sitarama Raju helped lead India’s fight for independence from the British. RRR imagines a fictional meeting between the two before their fight for India’s independence began, set in motion when a young girl is stolen from her village by British soldiers.

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  • The Wild Goose Lake

    The Wild Goose Lake

    A hyper-stylised neo-noir set in the subcutaneous underworld of modern China, this electric thriller from Diao Yinan twists the conventions of its genre. A staggeringly crafted examination of violence and modern decay captured in vivid neon hues, The Wild Goose Lake is striking, intoxicating cinema.

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  • Strawberry Mansion

    Strawberry Mansion

    Joyfully reveling in the absurdity of dreams, this candy-colored take on a dystopian future from Albert Birney and Kentucker Audley is a mixed-media marvel with a big heart. The spacey score will transport you to a trippy slumberland where papier-mâché monsters roam and an impossible romance blooms!

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  • Rodents of Unusual Size

    Rodents of Unusual Size

    The rodent in question is a nutria: a bucktoothed varmint wreaking havoc on Louisiana’s aquatic ecosystem. This thoughtful documentary, narrated by Wendell Pierce, takes to the bayous for a portrait of a community on the brink, and the swamp rat bounty hunters seeking to prevent its decimation.

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  • We


    The personal and the collective lyrically entwine in Alice Diop’s Berlinale prizewinner, lending an ear to the underrepresented voices of Paris’s maligned outskirts. A lattice of experiences where filming is akin to remembering, these everyday vignettes evoke the rich cultural tapestry of the city.

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  • Who's Afraid of the Bogeyman

    Who's Afraid of the Bogeyman

    Helke Misselwitz followed the success of WINTER ADÉ with this rich portrait of a private coal company in East Berlin. Vividly capturing the last gasps of the GDR, WHO’S ARRAID OF THE BOGEYMAN transcends anthropological snapshot by virtue of Misselwitz’s boundless curiosity and piercing empathy.

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  • Întregalde


    Directed by Radu Muntean, one of the most exciting voices of the Romanian New Wave, this tightly-wound satire of middle-class altruism is a mischievous delight. Testing the limits of its do-gooders’ capacity for charity, the wickedly funny ÎNTREGALDE pairs scabrous wit with claustrophobic suspense.

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  • Piranhas


    The rage and loneliness of adolescence take a pulpy turn in Claudio Giovannesi’s gripping drama, where schoolbooks are swapped for guns. With his angelic face, first-time actor Francesco Di Napoli stands for a generation of Neapolitan youth for whom coming of age constitutes a fall from grace.

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  • Our Bodies are Your Battlefields

    Our Bodies are Your Battlefields

    Bursting with revolutionary fervor, Isabelle Solas’s documentary is a rallying cry against patriarchal and religious intolerance. Intimately intersectional in their embrace of body diversity, transfeminist activists in Argentina fight their tireless battles with courage, resilience, and radical joy.

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  • White God

    White God

    A pack of dogs run wild through the streets of Budapest in this captivating revenge parable from Kornél Mundruczó, an idiosyncratic allegory on authority, rebellion, power, and protest. Winner of the Un Certain Regard prize at the Cannes Film Festival, WHITE GOD is an astonishing dystopic vision.

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  • Winter adé

    Winter adé

    Though a series of articulate testimonials, this masterclass in social anthropology from Helke Misselwitz challenges the spurious claims of gender equality propagated by the East German regime. A political sensation on release, WINTER ADÉ is an evocative snapshot from the dying days of the GDR.

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