Ana Katz Introduces Her Film "The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet"

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"Some of this film’s images have been with me for years."

By Notebook

Ana Katz's The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet is showing exclusively on MUBI in many countries starting January 21, 2022 in the series The New Auteurs.

Some of this film’s images have been with me for years. For example, people who move around in a squatting stance, a meteorite falling to Earth, or the crying of a dog. But, at some point, I needed to organize those images into this story; I was guided more by emotions and intuitive reflection rather than by the convention of how a script is written. Initially, the project was called “A film out of necessity.”

This experimental form would be unimaginable without a crew to share the quest with. The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet is a film that wouldn’t have existed without taking my intuition and the crew’s and actors’ intuition as a driver.

I wonder whether, given the world’s current situation of extreme deprivation and omnipresent audiovisual information, cinema may need a more intimate and mysterious way to communicate with spectators.

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