Hellraiser ★★★½

Chatterer is at his best. That’s all I care about. Chatterer fans rise up 

I was really into the first act. The characters felt mostly appropriate in the hellraiser franchise with thematically relevant complexities.  The slow burn worked and was very unnerving. I have never been so on edge watching people solve a puzzle box. 

Second act spun its wheels a but. If you are familiar with the first two hellraiser movies, very little in the unraveling mystery will surprise you. It’s a lot of the normal interviews and google searches you expect in these kinds of horror movies, but you already know what to expect. Even if you aren’t familiar with the first two movies, it’s not super shocking. Albeit there are one or two twists that kind of work. 

The third act is a home invasion slasher film with cenobites. If that’s what you are in the mood for, that’s great. I guess I was not not in the mood for that direction. 

Awesome final shot and the new cenobite that’s just a ripped off face is top four cenobites designs for me. I do think the cenobites were a bit more loose with their rules and motivation than in the originals. 

Like the Ritual. Great effects and monsters with solid acting. A decent presentation but the script just did not wow me. 

Honorary 5 stars because I saw Clive Barker

Edit: extra half star for barker.

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