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  • Metropolis



    Nearly a hundred years later and this film slaps the present day across the face, and I’m thrown throughout by the scale of the operation; small things look big and big things look small. It’s so disorienting, paired with a rapidly escalating and epic story I wasn’t expecting from silent film (credit the brevity of language) even though this film is a canonical heavyweight. The patina of time makes it feel like a myth plucked from the heavens.

  • Hustlers



    I sold Coach bags at an outlet mall off I-95 around the recession, we were robbed a lot, and the year I dropped out of college the crisis hit completely. This was and still is a direct result of the glittering world of salons floating atop an empty system, another bubble that we time and time again forget we’re in, and so I'm a little on the fence by how much this story celebrates capitalism under the guise of critiquing…

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  • Chopping Mall

    Chopping Mall


    Andy Warhol said once (I'm paraphrasing) if you shut down a mall with everything in it, and reopen it a few decades later, it becomes art. That all department stores become museums, and vice versa. He also said he didn't think people died, they just went to department stores.

    'Chopping Mall' is the art, the museum, and heaven.

  • Fyre Fraud

    Fyre Fraud


    Delroy seems cool.