Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Never Rarely Sometimes Always ★★★★

"You were really good"

Little is said by Autumn, particularly in the first half. When your trapped by the totality of ignorant parents, the eyes of the school, a predatory workplace (life?), and a demoralising advisor, why would speech, and presentation of self, ever feel necessary? But then the moment comes, perhaps halfway through, when an ear is finally lent, and empathy is shown. And in that moment the barrier that's helped to hide all pain, and has blocked the reality of all mirrors, becomes loose and falters. The self is given a moment, and emotion is validated. It's beautiful.

But there's also a withholding that shows a beautiful relationship. I love how Skylar joining Autumn is never in question. It just happens, she just joins her, it's natural. And I love how the silent bus rides never feel awkward or hostile, but natural and an opportunity to hope for some serenity in an awfully clouded situation. Because sometimes being a great friend isn't about rambling with wild conversation, or generating big laughs, sometimes it's just enough to be in each other's company, to feel one another's presence, because you want to, because you have to. And then maybe, every now and then, because of that shared experience of solidarity, you can reach out and have a hand to hold on to.

The restraint, in all its forms, highlights the tragic reality in such a honest way. A beautiful film indeed.

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