Trash, smut, exploitation, horror and golden oldies is what I’m into. 

Well thought out and eloquent reviews are nowhere to be found.

Favorite films

  • Compañeros
  • The Keep
  • The Wanderers
  • Alien

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  • Highway Racer


  • Blaze Starr Goes Nudist


  • The Witches


  • Hands of the Ripper


Recent reviews

  • Highway Racer

    Highway Racer


    Cops and robbers racing through the city streets and construction sites driven by macho dudes and this still ended up being just barely mediocre. When there isn’t cars flipping and rolling over or doing donuts and squealing tires somewhere there is a dull story of aspiration, mentoring, mutual respect and some filler about a troubled relationship. I think this one either pulled the wool over a lot of reviewers’ eyes or I’m just an idiot.

  • Hands of the Ripper

    Hands of the Ripper


    Hammer-lite is what comes to mind when thinking about this. It’s Hammer but it’s a “Great Value” version. When the opening credits were finished I thought to myself “whoa, I didn’t recognize more than 2-3 names from the entire crew and zero from the cast”. 

    I thought Eric Porter as the lead was excellent and I found myself wishing he had been in some of the classic Hammer. His son is played by an Edgar Allan Poe look-a-like and about…

Popular reviews

  • Mandy



    Pitch black in the house, family asleep in bed, dog curled up beside me, cell phone dead silent, big screen tv, blu-ray and headphones resulted in a glorious viewing experience of a movie that held me spellbound and grateful to be alive and a fan of genre films. 

    Captivating in every way, my fears of being another viewer missing the boat on “Mandy” were put to rest after two hours of visual and audio bliss. I didn’t think I would ever…

  • Wild Riders

    Wild Riders


    All I could think about before I went to bed was "please don't let me die in my sleep and make this piece of garbage the last movie I ever watched".