Hot Rod Rumble ★★★½

With no dvd or blu-ray that I am aware of I had to for the first time ever resort to watching a movie on youtube. You do what you can I guess to see a movie you want to see. Was it worth it? Yes it was. Will I make a habit of it? Hell no.

I used the tag "J.D." for this film because it falls into the general vicinity but I don't think it's your typical juvenile delinquent movie. Yes there is a gang but they are a car club. Yes there are teenagers but they aren't of the menacing young offenders type. Yes there is a beating but it's not over a girl or cars. Yes there are hot rods and racing but it's sanctioned. And finally yes there is dancing and coca-cola but at a bare minimum.

What I loved about this movie is that they took the typical tough guy greaser and made him the victim and the sympathetic character and while there is what I guess you'd term a happy ending, it wasn't THAT happy and I liked that about it.

I hope this turns up in a cleaned up digital version one day because the youtube copy was dark as sin and I think it deserves a better fate.

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